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Handling agents

Dear customers,

All incoming and outgoing airfreight shipments are processed physically and by documents by handling agents at Sofia Airport. The handling agents have the obligation to load and unload shipments on and off the board of the airplanes. These companies are chosen by each airline and both sign a contract to serve the airline’s shipments. At the moment there are 2 handling agents at Sofia Airport – Sofia Airport Sole JSC and Aviation Services  Ltd. After being processed physically and by documents, the import shipments are transferred towards shipping agents, assigned as consignee upon Master Airway Bill.

We recommend all customers to demand from their contractors correctly filled up Airway Bill, namely – indication of processing shipping agent in Bulgaria, thereby preventing the search for the shipments that have arrived at Sofia Airport. Medicalog’s price list for import shipments is valid for indicated shipping agent Medicalog upon Master Airway Bill. Shipments addressed to Medicalog are processed by both handling agents at Sofia Airport, WITHOUT being transferred to other warehouses. Your import shipments, until the moment of their customs release are stored under customs control there, where they are initially unloaded, namely – in the warehouses of Sofia Airport or Aviation services.

20/08/2013 HO

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